• Class Overview

    • Class Size:
      12 Children
  • Wobblers

    Wobblers: 1 to 5 Ratio (1 teacher for every 5 children)

    This classroom is developmentally designed for children between the Infant and Toddler stage. The environment is more conducive to children having additional space and more freedom to move around and “wobble”. This environment helps children get their bearings while they master walking and body control. The Wobbler classroom is divided into interest areas such as: dramatic play, blocks, and gross motor; which includes toys, books, dolls, cars, trucks, soft blocks, and puzzles. The Wobbler daily schedule includes a morning and afternoon outside time. The Wobblers paint, complete puzzles, finger paint, use play dough, and other activities; they also learn the appropriate use of toys, equipment, tables and chairs. Lesson plans include: language, physical activity, creative art, social emotional and sign language.