• Class Overview

  • Infants

    Infants: 1 to 4 ratio (1 teacher for every 4 children)

    We have two Infant rooms. The lesson planning and individualization for each infant includes cognitive, language, physical, social emotional, creative art, and sign language. Some examples of appropriate milestones in the Infant class are: turning one’s head towards the source of a noise, push pull toys, throwing a ball, finger painting, and self-help skills like holding a bottle. The Infant room is divided up into areas such as: Self-Discovery, Tummy Time, and a Cozy Corner for children to explore books and for the teachers to read to the children. The Infants daily schedule includes a morning and afternoon outside time. Each child sleeps in a designated crib and the sheets are changed daily or as needed, and the mattresses are disinfected as well.

    • Class Size:
      12 Children