• Class Overview

  • Toddlers

    Toddlers: 1 to 6 Ratio (1 teacher for every 6 children)

    The classroom is divided into interest areas: blocks, cars and trucks, dramatic play, dress-up, baby dolls, sensory, manipulative, puzzles, books and the mini loft. The mini loft helps children master going up and down the stairs. Large group circle time is where the children are introduced to many skills including the alphabet, colors, numbers, music and read-alouds. At this stage, teachers begin to expose the children to potty training. Children goes into the restroom, and some sit on the potty, even if it is with their clothes on. Teachers are looking for readiness skills. Readiness skills include being dry for long periods of time and the ability of children to communicate (even nonverbally) that they are ready to go. Also, students begin tooth brushing in this classroom. Children brush their teeth after lunch as part of the environmental learning about numbers and .

    • Class Size:
      15 Children