• Class Overview

  • Pre-K

    Three (3) Pre-K classrooms: each 1 to 10 ratio (1 teacher for every 10 children)

    Children in our Pre-K classrooms continue advancing in work in areas such as language, physical (fine and gross motor), science and math activities (counting by 10’s, patterning, addition, etc.). On our Pre-K level, students are more exposed to sight words, weather, history, advance craft work and there is a large emphasis on reading. Many of our Pre-K students leave this class with the ability to read.

    In Pre-K, the teachers focus on Kindergarten readiness. The teachers continue to meet the children at their level. The curriculum is individualized, so that no matter where students go from our Academy (public or private), they are more than ready to succeed.

    The children wear uniforms which includes a DCA uniform shirt and khaki, black or dark blue pants. In addition, the Pre-K children go on field trips on the DCA purple buses.

    • Class Size:
      20 Children