Pre-K Prep2

  • Class Overview

    • Class Size:
      20 Children
  • Pre-K Prep 2

    Pre-K Prep 2: 1 to 8 ratio (1 teacher for every 8 children):

    The classroom is comparatively larger and divided into areas: art area, manipulative area, block area, dramatic play area, puzzles, large loft, sensory table and more. The children in this classroom continue with phonics and now work on putting together word families (i.e., the “at” family words include mat, sat, hat). Most children begin their pre-reading in this classroom. Students who display readiness, are also introduced to addition. The bathroom is always open for children to use it as needed; it is part of the self-reliance that the children have attained in this classroom. To expose the children to age appropriate technology, a Smart Board is introduced for developmentally appropriate, interactive activities which are aligned with lesson plans. Extracurricular activities are continued in the class.