About DCA

  • Dunwoody Christian Academy

    Dunwoody Christian Academy (DCA) is a community school and a ministry under the umbrella of Chapelhill Dunwoody Campus. DCA is a private Pre-K with low teacher to student ratios. DCA provides a secure, high-quality and nurturing Christian Environment for children ages six (6) weeks to five (5) years including infants, preschool, Pre-K and Kindergarten, and five (5) to 12 years of age in our School Age programs. We strive to make Dunwoody Christian Academy a model school, not just for the students and families, but also for the teachers and staff. The safety and security of the children that attend our academy are our highest priorities. We have web cams installed in our classrooms. This allows parents to view their children’s daily activities and to stay connected with daily routines and activities.

  • Living, loving, laughing and learning go hand-in- hand at Dunwoody Christian Academy. We use excellent and effective curricular frameworks, such as the Creative Curriculum, to assure that your child develops skills for successful living and learning. Reading, language, math, art, fine and gross motor skills, gift and talent development, emotional and social development, dance, music, computer skills, problem-solving, history and geography are key components in each child’s educational plan. Extracurricular activities include Dance, Golf, Spanish, karate and Playball. We boast of a large recreational area in-house that children utilize when weather necessitates indoor play for Chapel, as well as, for other special activities.

    Dunwoody Christian Academy provides breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks for preschool students. Our child-friendly menus are USDA-based and rotate every eight weeks. We do not serve pork, very little beef and mainly turkey, chicken and fish. The children enjoy at least one fresh fruit every day and we use very few canned foods, mostly fresh and frozen. DCA limits the processed sugar served at meals and snacks, which includes no sugar-added natural juices. The children come together to nourish their bodies and souls with healthy food, prayer and friends.

  • Our focus on Christian values is unique and one of the cornerstones of the Dunwoody Christian Academy curriculum. Your children learn basic Biblical Christian values. However, since we are a multi-faith school, we do not teach church doctrine

    Experience You Can Count On
    Our state of dedicated, nurturing teachers, mentors and support personnel are our number one asset. Each undergoes a rigorous background check and must meet high standards. Each full-time staff member has a CDA (Child Development Associate) or is working towards one. Each is also certified in CPR/First Aid and is required to have 10 hours of training each year.

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