Pre-K Prep1

  • Class Overview

  • Pre-K Prep 1

    Pre-K Prep 1: 1 to 8 ratio (1 teacher for every 8 children)

    This is the first class where the children us the computer, utilizing child-friendly software that allows for practice and review in phonics, mathematics and reading. At this age, the children know their colors and alphabet and are learning what sound each letter makes. The classroom has a large loft that can be utilized for continued practice walking up and down the stairs (if necessary), quiet time, reading time, and discussions with teachers. Centers are divided into more restrictive areas: puzzles and manipulatives are together, dramatic play is all together and the water table is more advanced than in earlier classrooms. The children become more independent in this class as they learn to put away their coats, hang up their blue bags, tie shoes, and fasten coats. The Prep-K Prep 1 students are potty-trained (or close to being potty-trained) and can independently use the restroom (with the door open) as necessary and ask for assistance if needed. Potty-trained students begin their extracurricular activities where outside vendors come in to teach Dance (for girls), Golf (for boys and girls), Spanish, Playball and karate.

    • Class Size:
      20 children